Debut book by Melody Mociulski  -  May 2021 VIEWFINDINGS: Slivers of light in a tempestuous time  "Lockdown 2020, Bainbridge Island WA - one voice, one year, one island, one eye's view. Collective work of original photos, poetry, and prose reminding us that even in the midst of crisis, there is a bounty of beauty and wonder to bring joy to our hearts and hope to our souls." To help you visualize the context for these photos, allow me to set the scene.  Bainbridge - an island about the size of Manhattan - is a thirty-five-minute ferry ride from Seattle, Washington.  It is a small-town, rural community of about 26,000 people.  We are blessed with considerable access to walking trails, boating opportunities, and bicycle paths.  The island is a favorite getaway for mainland locals and tourists visiting Seattle.   Reviews "For me, Viewfindings serves as a much needed, yet gentle and beautiful reminder of our everyday blessings. I am grateful to the author for bringing me along on her journey, giving me a sense of balance, peace, and hope. This is a book I will pick up frequently, to read a poem or two, enjoy the photography, and to reset."   Linda H.   "My dear friend Melody Mociulski just published a really beautiful book reflecting on, and processing through, the experience of living a year of lockdown, with its attendant grief and loss, on a quiet island in the Pacific Northwest. Part travelogue, part memoir, part book of sonnets, and part luscious photo journal, it's a delicate study of the forces which have the power to move, sustain, and liberate us in this current moment."  Cresa P.   "When I picked up this book, I assumed it would be another sentimental meditation directing ‘think this way’ or ‘try harder’ with a backdrop of Covid-19 despair. That is not this book. Rather this is a book about quiet time - the unexpected quiet time during the Covid 19 pandemic. The short reflections are calming, thought-provoking and educational. Most delightful are the photographs paired with the reflections. I frequently asked myself, why did the author choose this photograph to go with that text? My favorite pairings are Magnificence with Mt. Rainer, Wonder with the goat, and Peace with - well, I don’t want to give a spoiler. I highly recommend this book to read now and to read again later as a reminder of the Covid 19 quiet times."   Ann K.   Melody Mociulski: Changemaker and New Author -